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Connecting Creators and Fans with Collectible Badges

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What Are Badges

Badges are unique and rare limited edition digital items that only you own. They are permanently secured on a Distributed Ledger and cannot be duplicated or cheated.

How it Works

Create badges as digital status symbols backed by your brand and rewarded to your supporters - the ones who want to show the world "I was there".


Tell your fans you're launching a badge on Showcase

Reach out to supporters across your social platforms to build momentum and find out what kind of badge they'd be interested in. Apply to become a verified creator to secure your badge collection.


Create a custom badge, and Launch!

Each badge is a custom and unique item built with our easy to use Creator tool, and you can use your own design or work with our in-house team of designers. When you're ready, launch your badge!


Let your supporters showcase your brand

Supporters buy your badge, spreading your brand and build your community. Keep issuing badges as the demand increases, and issue a Badge Series so fans can purchase your items on a recurring basis.

Social Impact

Showcase helps communities by connecting grassroots social impact causes and NGOs with influencers around the world for fundraising. We sponsor events, arts, and gifting globally.

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What will you Showcase?