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Connecting creators with fans in support of social impact causes

Showcase - A Social Impact Project

Our mission is to give people the means and methods to become artists, and give artists the means and methods to become social entrepreneurs impacting the world. We envision a world where everyone can be a unique artist, build their tribe of fans and earn money based on their talents and positive contributions to their communities and societies. This is not science fiction, it is the way of the future.


Q4 2019 Alpha Prototype development

Alpha prototype development

Partnership development

Influencer outreach

Team & Advisory

Matic Network Integration

Q1 2020 Beta Platform Release

Beta release

Influencer Growth


Creator tool



Q2 2020 Production Release

Marketing expansion

Global Expansion



Our Team

Reed Korach

CEO & Founder Pratt Institute, Digital Artist, Crypto Pioneer

Meir Bank

CTO & Co-Founder Crypto Pioneer, Full stack Blockchain Developer, Entrepreneur

Gleb Nesis

Senior Engineer Engineered solutions for USPS, FDIC, Northrup Grumman

Daniel Warrick

Senior Engineer Rhabit analytics, Blockchain Dev, Data analysis

Matthew Peters

Intern Engineer CyberStart, SANS Institute, UD Blockchain Club

Nikolett NĂ©meth

Community Outreach KREA University, InStyle magazine, Elle magazine

Tommy Carr

Senior Advisor Princeton University Alumni, Co-Founded All Points Broadband

Jeff Koyen

Senior Advisor Veteran Journalist, Wired Magazine, New Yorker, Crains New York Business

Dr. Ray Radosevich

Senior Advisor Crunchbase PhD Carnegie Mellon, Founding Partner Verge Fund, DOE
Senior Advisor Stanford University Alumni, Sold Lightserve, Founder Preferred Return

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