Monetizing needs a revolution

Instead of spamming your fans with ads, begging for donations and selling overpriced merch, Showcase lets you create and sell valuable digital collectible badges backed by your brand.

Social Entrepreneurship

Use your social capital to earn profit and affect society. There is a growing movement around the world of community-conscious social innovators, the brightest of the new generation who recognize that pure profit motive cannot take precendence over the health and safety of communities and the planet. Showcase is the first platform designed to help social innovators develop innovative solutions and mobilize financial resources to affect the global society.

Positive Influence

Showcase rewards creators who work hand in hand with causes to build and strengthen their communities. We are supporting the new wave of positive influencers who ask themselves what kind of influence they are to their fans, supporters, communities and the world.


The creation and transport of clothing is the second highest source of global carbon emissions. Selling and shipping gimmick merchandise products that often are worn or used only a few times is terrible for the environment. Showcase is eliminating billions of pounds of carbon emissions by replacing traditional merchandise with a new "e-merch" digital merchanidse model

Connecting creators with fans